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Top Glow

Get ready, set, and go! Aim your water gun into a spinning hole and spiral your toy to the top. First one to the top wins a prize! There's a winner every race!


Grab your foam mallet and get ready to wac any moles that pop up out of their holes. Wac the most moles and win a prize!

Tub Toss

A fun, exciting waffle ball toss game where players are challenged to land a ball in any "tub" to win one of an assortment of plush prizes.

Coastline Cat Rack

Players have three chances to knock down the standing props off their paws! Knock down 2 cats for a small prize. Knock down 3 cats for a large prize.

Riptide Ring Toss

Watch the throwing rings fly! If a plastic ring lands atop one of 187 green, glass bottles, you win a jumbo prize!

Roller Derby

Players line up and race each other to see who will reach the finish line first! Break ahead of the pack by rolling the most balls into the triangle of holes. There’s a winner every race!

Balloon Bust

Players throw darts and aim to pop the balloons! If you pop any balloon, you win a prize! Kids win every game guaranteed!

Water Race

Players of all ages aim their water guns at a target to propel their playing piece along the race. First to the finish line wins a prize! Every race has a winner!

Beach Bash

Power throws! Beanbag throwers fling cushioned sacs against a stack of three plastic bottles in an attempt to knock them right off a pedestal.

Goblet Toss

With more than 300 goblets to try to land a ball, a bigger challenge for guests is deciding if it's a red, blue, yellow or orange goblet they want to aim for. Players toss a wiffle ball hoping to land in the color goblets, which determines the size of their prize. Land in a purple goblet and get a free ball to throw again. One in wins!

Fire Ball

Players use a bowling-style method to secure balls into circular pocket pits, attempting for the maximum amount of points. Your final score may earn you a prize!

Coin Operated

Mini Hoops

To win a prize or simply for bragging rights, guests are challenged to score a basket by swishing a five-inch-diameter mini-basketball through a nine-inch-diameter steel rim with an eight-loop net.

Long Range Basketball

Players test their skills at shooting hoops at this long-range basketball game. Score a basket and win a prize!


Gyro Loops

Spin to win in these two-seat, 360-degree-turning and tumbling attractions. Players use a joystick to control their speed and rpm all while flinging in circles, rotating frontward, backwardand all around in what feels like a freefalling yet fun-wheeling, swing-like manner in an attempt to win a prize.

Beach Bounce

The Beach Bounce allows guests of all ages to jump up to 24 feet in the air while twirling in full-tilt flips and bouncing away on the super spring-loaded trampoline during a 3-minute, fun-filled bungee experience.

Test your skills and
win great prizes!

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